Use the Moon and lunar fertility to help you get pregnant

Lunar Fertility Basics

The phenomenon of Lunar Fertility is all based on the re-discovery of the Natal Lunar Phase by Slovakian psychiatrist Dr Eugene Jonas in the 1950's.

Dr Jonas lived in a time and place where abortion was illegal, and the rhythm method the only method of contraception. Dr Jonas had to counsel many distressed women who were unintentionally pregnant.

Dr Jonas sought to discover why the rhythm method had such a high failure rate, and after researching the birth data of thousands of women he observed some astonishing patterns.

To help make sense of the data he was seeing, Dr Jonas's interest in astrology led him to ancient writings from Babylon and Assyria which stated that...

“women are fertile during a certain phase of the moon”

...But which phase of the moon?

Through further research, study and calculation he discovered that the lunar phase at which a woman was fertile depended on the relationship between the sun and the moon at the moment she was born.

Moon affects fertility this is called natal lunar phase

You are fertile at that time of your cycle when the moon is at the same lunar phase as when you were born.

This is called your Natal Lunar Phase.

More About Your "Natal Lunar Phase"

The term "lunar phase" simply refers to the angle between the sun and the moon. It has nothing to do with the moons zodiac sign.

You're already familiar with some phases - for example, New moon, Crescent moon, Full moon etc. This diagram illustrates the moon's monthly journey:

diagram showing the journey of the moon throguh its phases
This diagram shows the moon moving through its phases each month - you are fertile each month when the moon returns to the same phase as it was at your birth. This is your INDIVIDUAL and PERSONAl lunar fertile time.

Each individual is born under a particular moon or lunar phase and so were you.

Here's the important part...

Each month when the moon returns to this same position, it can trigger your body to spontaneously ovulate, even if this time occurs outside your normal mid-cycle fertile time.

Now it may not always do this, but the potential is there.

Furthermore - the moon's trigger effect is increased by two factors - stress and sexual intercourse.

That is, if you are having sex during your natal lunar phase, the chances of ovulation being triggered are increased. And multiple sexual play at this time further increases this risk.

If you're trying to conceive you can use this "trigger" function to your advantage.

That's because you experience heightened fertility when your mid-cycle ovulation is synchronized with your natal lunar fertile phase. By synchonizing the two cycles in this way, you mazimize your chances of getting pregnant.

How To Use This Information To Get Pregnant

You can use this information to help you conceive if you know when your lunar fertile times are occuring. These are the times when you should aim to have intercourse to maximize your chances of conception.

The problem is, calculating your own lunar fertile phase involves quite a bit of "number-crunching" and it's easy for the inexperienced to make mistakes.

As an essential foundation of your Conception Action Pack - our specially created software accurately calculates your data and presents you with a individualized report, including the exact dates of your peak lunar fertile times for the next 36 months.

This way, you can be absolutely certain that the information you are using is completely accurate so you can make the most of the limited conception opportunities that you have each menstrual cycle.

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